Tuesday, June 29, 2010

this outfit..

So,I took this pic of Perez Hilton's website, which he wont mind,I don't think so. Anyways,I am in love with this outfit. I'll admit that although I love Lady Gaga to death some of her outfits are insane. But this one I'm in love with. Well I love tulle,and sheer garments,so she couldn't have gone wrong with this outfit. Yes or no?

semester 1 flat pattern

This was way back in December. It's my final term garment for flat pattern. I have definitely progressed since then. This garment on the sleeve has diamond cutouts down the center.The triangles on the bodice are outlined by braiding.The skirt is just a gored skirt.To make it a bit more interesting i "bedazzled" the skirts seams with a trim I had found.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Gusset Sleeve

The blurry figure on the right is my professor.

I took the front and back bodice and created seams,in order to create the stripes.Well they aren't really stripes, more like L's kind off tilted. Then on the shoulders there's a cutout.It took awhile to sew,but it was fun and I like how it came out,can't wait to sew it up.

Flat pattern class semester 2

My flat pattern teacher was amazing. His name was Professor Zamkroff, and he made me fall in love with flat pattern.He was straight-forward,and at the beginning of the class he would have a whole bunch of images out, and ask us what type of sleeve was shown in the image, and how did we come to that conclusion. There was this whole world of sleeves out there that I never ever gave any thought to. Here's a piece I did in muslin,with a boat neckline.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The city that never sleeps

On the great lawn.The last day of summer.

My favorite place in central park

While waiting in line to get inside the Marc by Marc Jacobs on Bleecker street in NY.Amazing store by the way. Cute little things from wallets to shirts, rings,wallets,bags,purses, and they are all pretty cheap.

What my best friend gave me

My best friend Betsy gave me my first fashion how to be stylish book,well its really called how to be fierce. It's written by the only Christian Siriano. It's hilarious and informative and filled with tons of tips.Check it out.
Thanks Betsy.Love you.

Zac Posen for Target

So many designers are designing retail lines, and they are delivering.From Alexander Mcqueen to Rodarte.The clothes are beautiful,edgy and what every girl dreams of wearing but can not afford to pay at the price of a ready to wear garment.Check out Zac Posens's. They are so fun and sexy. So girls,hurry to your nearest target around March,that's when this line will be hitting stores.